In today’s day & age, every person needs to work on the well-being of their physical body. From using products with harmful chemicals to eating fast food regularly. 

It has not only affected our body’s immune system but also impacted our vitamin level, our skin, our hair, and other bodily functions. 

On a usual doctor check-up, you are prescribed at least more than 2 different medicines to target & help improve your body functions. 

But there are hardly any medicine/ supplements which could be taken daily by an individual to continuously maintain, correct, build, strengthen & groom the user with a Healthy Body. 

Hence, we came up with not only the perfect Daily Dietary Supplement but also an amazing add-on to your other daily body needs. 

IMMUWOOD has been enriched with 6 High-Quality ‘USA’ Patented Phytochemicals & Micro-Minerals with additional Multi-Minerals & Multi-Vitamins with a total of 27 Ingredients to individually Target different body systems which naturally uplifts each organ to work better in synchronization. 

Ingredients like Turmeric, Amla, Ashwagandha, Licorice, Neem, and Tulsi among others Immuwood Tablets have become a Go-To Choice for many health-conscious, adventure & fitness-seeking individuals. 

Immuwood is currently being referred by many Doctors & Dieticians among their peers and patients for its positive impact on an individual’s body with daily consumption. On average an individual has Nutrient Deficines in one or more of the following: 1. Calcium 

2. Vitamin D 

3. Potassium 

4. Iron 

5. Vitamin B12 

6. Vitamin B9 (Also Known as Folic Acid/ Folate) 

7. Magnesium 

Even though there are many multi-vitamins in the market which might cover 4 or more of the above-mentioned nutrients. Immuwood Tablets as a Daily Dietary Supplement is meant to help you maintain your Nutrients levels for a lifetime and at the same time provide you with many other benefits like:

1. Better Skin Health 

2. Stronger, Longer & Smoother Hair 

3. Naturally Uplifts the Body Energy 

4. Help in continuous metabolism growth for Weight Loss 

Woodrock Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. a 22+ year experienced Pharma Company says that Immuwood Tablets have been manufactured in one of the top manufacturers in India & are promised to have the highest level of Quality Assurance & Packaging for all the consumers. 

It is suggested that Everyone should take Immuwood for at least a month and themselves understand the benefits their body feels due to the various Natural Ingredients present in the tablets. Even if there is no Nutrients Deficiency in an individual, there are manifold benefits associated with & observed in people who take One Immuwood Tablet per Day. 

The following list indicates the major functions where Immuwood Tablets works the best (The list is indicative of the top indications but is certainly not limited to just these). 

1. Daily Dietary Supplement 

2. Vitamin Deficiency 

3. Good for Heart & Lowers Blood Pressure 

4. Treats Depression, Anxiety & Stress 

5. For an Overall Skin & Hair Maintenance Routine 

6. Pre- Workout Supplement & Weight Loss Management 

7. Reliefs symptom of Asthama, Bronchitis, Cold, Cough, Flu & Sore Throat 8. Good for Digestion, Prevents Constipation & Treats Gastrointestinal Disorders 9. Fights against the development of cancer cells 

10. Blood-Purifying Properties 

11. Protects Brain against Alzheimer & Parkinsons 

12. Improves Vision & Treats Eye Disorder 

13. Treats Joint Pain 

14. Prevents Respiratory Issues & Upper Respiratory Tract Issues 

15. Treats Tuberculosis, Eczema, Hepatitis, Type 2 Diabetes & Psoriasis 16. Fights against the formation of free radicals that cause muscle damage 17. Strengthens the Immune System 

By looking at these Indications you might already understand that Immuwood Tablets are meant to be consumed by everyone regardless of their ailment mental, physical, or otherwise. Immuwood Tablets work wonders for everyone who tries it.

Immuwood Tablets are currently available PAN-INDIA through their website & Amazon as single Packs of 10/ 30 tablets. 

Recommended Dosage: It is suggested to start with a 30-Day Course and then move forward with it every month as per your preferences. 

Important: Take the advice of your Doctor/ Dietician for children under the age of 14 & pregnant women.